My biotchy friend whos a liar?

so i have a friend whos a majior biotch and she lies like ALLL THE TIME! and the other day without me knowing she went around telling everyone she was concerned about me because i didnt beilive in god and rolling her eyes. And i specificlly told her i didnt want her to tell anyone and the fact she told tons of people pisses me off!

Heres some lies shes trying to get away with:

she channeled her dead cousin

she has a house ghost who possesees her

her house ghost scratches her

her dad beats her and throws her down the stairs (she has no bruises or scratches or anything. i have pe with her and she changes with us, i only looked because i was concerened)

she had a sezuire in bed (we have a friend whos epileptic and had one in class. my friend only said that so she could "fit in" i guess)

she knows a girl who can change her eye color on command from light blue to dark brown.

shes adopted (shes not)

and that she dirty texts Everyguy and they send her pictures

i love this girl to death but shes a terrible liar and she does it for attention. i dont know what to do because im to angry to even tell her at this point and no one really likes her but one other person.

if you ever confront her she will turn everyone to hate you and shell make you apilogize

now this never works for me because i stand up for myself and i dont fall for her stuff,

i just dont want to hang out with her anymore but i dont know how to do it without totally ignoring her

shes attempted suicide before in a situation like this

also she always tells stupid lies to fit in like today she said she hated justin beiber and a week ago she was FREAKING out cuz his song was on. then i said thats a lie! you just love him a week ago! she goes

"you know i hate him and think he is over rated. youve known that."

so i said

"ok whatever lauren."

annd she like freaked out and i said i only liked him cuz he was hot and she said

"duh i just said that. bitchy much?"

(i found all this out a few months AFTER getting close to her)

so i need some help idk what to do!


if i were you, i wouldn't talk to her ever again or hang out with her ever again. i know that you said that she can make everyone turn against you and hate you, but if you tell them the truth about all of her lies, they wouldn't hate you or ignore you and you wouldn't have to apologize. i got into that same situation today at school so then everyone started turning against me but i told them that it's not fair that they are taking sides and they should here me out and then i never talked to that so called friend again and i never will


What a friend you have! If she was really your BEST FRIEND she wouldnt lie like that. Ive learned that some people say lies like that to get attention. But if she keeps doing that maybe she just isnt the type of friend u NEED


***** needs to grow up who does this?

lying about child abuse wtf?

ditch her


um this is wah to long and you sound crazzed