I don't know what to do about my friend?

Lately, her actions have really been getting under my skin. She's my best friend and I'm always going to be there for her, but lately she's making it really hard for me to stand up for her. Back in December she had sex for the first time with her boyfriend of 4 months (we're both 13 btw) and she was freaking out talking about how I'm the only person she can trust to tell because she doesn't want people thinking she's a **** or something. But 2 days later she tells 5 other people (not really close friends either) because she's freaking out about how she's scared she might end up pregnant. She called me 24/7 trying to get me to convince her she wasn't pregnant, then whenever we were together in school, she'd make me tell her "you're not pregnant" over and over again. This went on for THREE WEEKS. Finally, when she got her period, she had to announce it all over FB and Twitter and stuff like "YAY! I GOT MY PERIOD!" Kinda bothered me because if she really didn't want people thinking she were slutty, she shouldn't advertise the fact that she's happy she isn't pregnant all over the internet, no girl is happy to have her period unless she's afraid she's pregnant, so it's pretty obvious to everyone what she meant. Anyway, after that she told me she was going to wait at least 2 more years because she didn't want to get pregnant, but last week, she tells me she did it again and she starts freaking out about being pregnant AGAIN. It's really pissing me off because I'm tired of trying to be there for her and giving her advice and convincing her "it'll all be ok" every 3 weeks. It's annoying and above all I don't want to see her keep going in this cycle, I feel like she's stressing herself out every 3 weeks, idk if she's just doing it for attention because if she really didn't want to be pregnant THAT bad she'd stop having sex, or at least get some kind of birth control (but I guess she can't do that because she'd have to ask her parents and her family doesn't even know she's dating). Idk what to do, I want her to stop putting herself through this and I want her to see how it's affecting me and her. I've tried talking to her but I don't really know what to say without pissing her off, HELP?


I really feel sorry for today's generation of children. No thirteen year-old should ever be worried about not getting her period and being pregnant. For a thirteen year-old that is completely disgusting and heartbreaking. My heart really goes out for the children in the world today. As far as your situation, your friend sounds like she may not be the best influence on your life. You need a friend who is not as concerned with with herself and more concerned with being a good friend. From your side of the story, it sounds like you have done all you can ( for your age) for this friend and nothing seems to be working. Maybe you should get a new BF. Having sex at 13 is disgusting. Teenage boys in general don't know what they're doing and your friend is making herself look like a fool. She's acting "slutty" whether she believes it or not. It's a shame that her parents aren't involved in your friends life more. Maybe if they were more involved, their daughter wouldn't be having sex at 13! This is just plain ridiculous.


oh wow! i have no clue! i'm the one everyone freaking out about but then i've never had sex so i don't know! maybe you should sit her down and tell her you should stop having sex every 3 weeks! tell you'll regret it if the next time you do it you might get pregnant.



You friend has a serious problem, first 13, why is she having sex at such a young age. Any way, she is totally seeking attention , has she not heard of condoms.

That even sets off more alarms. There are so many other things that she could catch besides a baby, tell a elder which you both trust to have a reality chat with your friend, explaining to her the dangers of sex.


Wow. You seem to be a lot more mature than she is. Honestly, she has NO BUSINESS having sex at her age, ESPECIALLY UNprotected sex at that. Tell her that you love her but if she doesn't stop setting herself up for failure like that than you can no longer give her advice. Tell her you will always be there for her as a friend but you feel that she is not making wise choices. She needs to consult with an adult, maybe a health professional. Most local health departments offer free condoms and birth control.


It sounds like your fiend is desperate for attention. and sex at 13 is very young, please don't feel influenced by her. I think it's great your asking for help not just dumping her. If you guys are good friends then sit her down and talk to her, ask why she's being like this ( so obvious about having sex/ pregnancy) and she if something else has happened to her to make her act like this? could b problems at home or something so she is acting differently.

If she won't talk normally to you I say you should give her some space, tell her you aren't impressed with how she has been recently and that you think you should hang out with other people for a while.

Good luck xxx