Tomorrow I might have too sit alone at lunch?

At my school we have it where everyday you have a lunch with a different class. I always have people too sit with except lunch with Spanish. Which is tomorrow. Have you ever sat alone at lunch? How did you deal with it? How did you not look like a loser?

She I just sit with a random group or completely alone? Someone help ! Thanks


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Hey! I've been there! It's ok, I think it's your school's way of trying to make you have a wide group of friends. So, sit with someone you don't know, and make some new friends, so next time you have to sit with the Spanish class, you'll have someone to sit with. When I had to sit alone, I tried to make new friends, so try your best. By the way, sit alone, or at a table with not that many people, because you will never be able to make friends with someone in a group, especially at lunch. Not looking like a ,loser, well, you won't look like a loser if you sit with a couple of people, and make conversation!


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Sit with other losers with no friends


Dont ask me I failed lunch last year. Had to go to summer school and learn how to eat. lol.


Find someone that you may know from another class, and sit with them.


Try to make friends in your Spanish class....or if you see some nice looking people in the cafeteria, ask if you can sit with them.


Grab out your i pod or mp3 and plug it in just sit there eat and listen to music lunch will fly by before you know it. :)


start talking to them. or can you secretly move to a different group? i never sit were im suppost to i sit with my friends.