What should I do after going to college class, life is boring?

well im those kind of guys that don't like hanging out with guy friends, just wants girlfriend or somthing to spend time with.

well all I do is go to my community college class and then go home. I workout, eat, homework...

and I stoped playing this addictive game which I been playing to waste time in my life, but I don'tt want to go play that game again it's not addicting anymore, now I see that the game was my life b/c right now im just a lonely guy

Finding a job is pointless because my parents pay for everything.

my comunity college has hardly any social clubs

and I know when I start dorming at University, I will be alot more social with people all the time gotta wait 6months till I transfer and im just lonely ADVISE ME PLEASE


story of my life.....but yea you could still get a job nothing wrong with having moremoney


You say your college doesn't have many social clubs, why don't you start one?

Or, like you said, spend your time trying to find a girlfriend. Then you would never be bored.

Hope I Helped ; )

P.S. you could start playing that game again, too. But it's only for a little while, try something different every day, and the 6 months will be over before you know it!