What do you think of this?

So im supposed to go out to eat and go to some stores tommorow with me, my brother, my friend, and my friends brother whos my brothers age. We have had these plans for about a month now. My brother did some vollyball thing on monday with one of his other friends from 1-5 and he has the option of doing it another day this week. So my parents tell the friends mom that he can do it Friday, but he cannot do it wednesday. The mom of the friend then calls the place to complain that the kids werent good enough there and now she got them a free day of it on Wednesday. We are undecided whether my brother will go to it or whether he will still come out to eat. What do you think he should do, ruin plans that we have had for a month and make me sit home all day instead of still going, or should he go to the vollyball thing. The only reason to go to the vollyball thing would be because its free but otherwise isnt it very rude to ruin these plans. We cannot go with just the 3 of us becasue it wouldnt be right. What do you think?


why cant you go without him? still your friend and your frikends bro going so whats the problem with that? he isnt ruining the plans intentionally he made them in good faith but plans change just rearrange another day to go


Who says you cant go without him? Just because he wont be going now doesnt mean you cant go. Very simple. Be safe and have fun.