Fighting, he's in the shower now... what should i say when he gets out?

so me and my boyfriend have been together for 5 years now ... no proposal no house no plans no nothing. and i have watched literally dozens of friends get married, have kids, move on... before my eyes. now i have gotten to the point where i am blunt with him and ask him, when is this gonna happen for us. He is using my own words against me now, and literally said to me, If your gonna act like this, your not gonna get proposed to. your gonna get a ring thrown at you. That hurt so much, and I am already stressed out because of the holidays. And then when I started to cry in our fight because I couldn't take it anymore, he just rolls his eyes and keeps watching TV. He didn't make one effot to make things better. He also doesn't admit what he did. He's in the shower right now, after basically telling me that he doesn't care. He thinks i am competeing with everyone around him (which isn't the case, I feel i deserved it a long time ago) and then left the room. He'll get out of the shower soon. what should i say?


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I think actions speak louder than words. Don't tell him anything when he gets out of the shower give him some time to think about it. If you feel this relationship is not going anywhere than you need to get out.


i agree with Amir Stephens, 21, and MacG ^^ ignore home but watch how he acts around you and him rolling his eyes when his lady is crying, well thats just horrible! i understand what you mean when you see all your friends going about their lives and moving on but your just still with him. that was really mean what he said and if he keeps reacting that way when you bring it up and treating you that way then i say leave. but for now play it cool and be observant! there isnt much you can say because its obviously him with the problem. good luck hun :)


sounds like it's time to break up. he doesn't seem to interested in the relationship and he might just want to have you around so he's not alone. i know you've been together 5 years, which is a while, but he should have proposed by now if he's serious. there are plenty of guys out there who would appreciate having someone like you around. if he doesn't want to work things out and get's time to move on.


It depends. If your willing to stay with him and not get married then things are fine the way they are, let well enough alone. But if you know ultimately you want to be married and start a family and that he's not willing to provide that, I would suggest asking him to leave- you are wasting time that could be spent finding "Mr. Right" on Mr. Not-right-now


give it a little bit, but if you want kids and to get married then i would move on


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Tell him he's a douchebag and you're gonna leave if he keeps threatening not to propose if you try to talk to him about it. What an ***...


One thing you can't force a man to do is marry. If HE hadn't mentioned it,HE won't. He's not ready, and im sure your complaining makes it easier for him to make excuses.