What to do i am relly confused?

Ok my friend who is 15 just told me he likes me and im 18 now to me he is to young n i don't know what to say. when he told me how he felt i kind of didn't give him an answer i was like ok because im confused i get mixed reviews from friends and family about what to do. Hes cool n all but hes just too young and there certain things that he cant do that i can being that im 18. when people ask me do i like him i say yes and no.


first of all , you shouldnt listen to what people say . if you want something go for it, dont ever let somene tell you different from what you want. but if you really dont like him be straight up about it , dnt lead him on then just suddenly crash on him later when hes REALLY falling for you. if you honestly dont know, try to take some time off of things, do stuff to keep you busy and not think abut it , then later on just see how you really feel, like what your mind and your heart want.


Say I'm not sure


tell him you do have strong feelings for him but as a friend tell him hes just to young to please your needs....but you still wanna be close friends and all....that should work i had the same problem


You should tell him how you truly feel. Don't say what friends and family want you to say because in the end you will end up hurt. If he really likes you he will understand your decision.


if you like him and he makes you happy then f*ck everyone else. they're all unhappy folks and low lives if they criticize your happiness. but if you dont like him then just tell him, its worse to lead him. he'll get over it eventually.


Well first, you're going to have to figure out of you like him or not.

Then if you do, i think you should give it a try. there's a lot of things you can do together even though he's 15. 15 isnt that young. It's only 3 years.