Does he like me? I'm confused! HELP! My crush and I were texting..

My crush and I were texting and I told him that I like him. His response was "Okay". Do you think he likes me or not? I'm confused!


Not sure, ma friend... depends. He may not be surprised and may just see you as a friend. Idk. It depends on other answers he gives you, and gestures and facial expressions, yeah...


In most of the cases I have experienced, a person will hardly express what he/she feels except when they're sure of yours and this happens most with females(some males are not excluded). Nevertheless, based on relationship psychology and human behavioral science, you can still know if someone loves you just by having a close chat with their friends, monitoring your victim's unconscious activities, and how they behave/react around your presence, right? See the link below...


I have the ahzact same but play tricks on him like tell him you like him more put a bit more makeup on or even get one of you boy mates and walk passed him holding hands with him he will run to you belive me that' s how I got my boyfriend soo go get him chick ( y)