What do I do!? PLEASE HELP! I have a HUGE crush on a guy

I have a HUGE crush on a guy and I think I love him. Everytime I'm near him, I blush. On the last day of school, I meant to tell him I like him, but I felt my face heat up and I couldn't. I know I should tell him but how? I don't have his number and I don't have a Facebook. Plus, during the end of the school year, my friend, who is also friends with my crush, was talking to my crush and heard him say "Dude! (My name) likes me!". My friend told me that when he said that, he sounded happy, yet upset, at the same time. How can I just have a simple conversation with him? I can't go a whole summer without seeing him or talking to him!


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either txt him or write him a letter!


Try stalking only joking


man up and tell him!


Just ask him if he wants to ride your inners ;) No big deal. Really works. "Ride my bowels, BABY!" You'll see, in no time you end up in Wonderland.


Contrary to common beliefs, attracting someone you love is very simple if you appear to know and understand very few things about their love criteria (what they like and hate) and then manipulate them in order to fit in. See steps here...


Like how old are u because the answer can be different depending on ur age, oh and I know how u feel. Don't worry I think every girl does/has.


Making him fall for you isn't something super natural or somethings others aren't doing. You have to do is to understand his love map and appear to match his subconscious love criteria in order for him to find you interesting. But if yu can do that, see step by step process via the link...


just try to be his best friend and then slowly love it self will bind you tow