Someone HELP noone is?

Well Me and my friend sammy are really good friends like bffs :) but not quite as we havent spoken face to face in a week well their is this huge summer disco for our hole school and ive already bought a new (expensive)outfit for it , Then when the day comes along of the summer disco , i give her a text assumeing we would get ready together like every other club night and disco ever yet ! Then she says shes getting ready at her other friend amys house and didnt even invite me along then , i asked to go too amy said " if you wanna im not stoping you?!" i didnt feel welcome i stayed home with my new shoes and clothes crying :/ All my other friends are on holidays or getting ready at peoples houses i dont even know , what should i do she didnt look out for me and wasted a good day im starting to think shes might be getting mean :/


your friend is just being mean. Get dressed at your place and just go. And when you reach find another group of your friends to hang out with. But go! Best of luck and dont feel bad =)


that sounds horrible but you also sound young! these things happen when you young and they work themselves out! but that was really mean of her, let her do her own thing and u go off with your friends hun! :)


I dont think Amy was being sarcastic. No offense but she probably did to invite u when she said that and you were just overreacting. Not trying to be mean but just go talk to Sammy but if shes still being mean leave her


Sammy needs to stop being such an *** and start treating you with a bit more respect. He's obviously see's you as being in the wrong, but needs to realise that your a achually in the right. Unfortunately their are a lot of guys out their like your friend Sammy, selfish, rude and ignorant.