Is there something wrong with me?

I'm a 16 year old guy, 17 in two months, and i'm also a proud virgin. I have many friends and I'm also categorized by the girls in my school as "hot" and i'm also told i'm funny, sweet etc etc. However, I don't drink alcohol; Not because I'm scared of the consequences, but instead because I just literally hate the taste of it. I go out regularly but due to this, I rarely go out to events that involve drinking because I feel uncomfortable with everyone around me drinking, not even to mention the peer pressure. Every time that I do make the effort to go out to parties and things, I consistently without fail, get called a killjoy, party-pooper, a pu-ssy for not drinking, and most annoying, a boring _____. The word changes often so there is no point identifying a single one.

I also do not smoke, or take any drugs of any kind, or even plan too. In addition, with regards to girls, I choose not to have one at the moment because out of all the girls I know, none of them are genuine, intelligent, down-to-earth or even attractive to me, and unlike most, I will not be loosing my virginity until I am in a stable relationship where there is mutual love and compassion for one another. Moreover, I get abuse from the majority of my friends because I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't do drugs, I don't have a girlfriend....If you were looking at me from the outside you would think i'm some kinda depressed loner.

Please tell me if something is wrong with me, It's gotten to a point where I really enjoy spending time by myself instead of going out with friends that are ignorant and purely just irritating. Should I become like the others? I feel like i'm missing out and i'm loosing friends because of it. You're comments will be greatly appreciated.


Omg, no. please stay the way you are, I beg you! Don't let anyone change you. You will remember these times and how responsible you were. Gosh, you sound really healthy. Keep it up and you will have a good life! :)


Your just a good guy dude, keep it up and try to find a winner. And don't waste your virginity I thought I wasn't and the girl screwed me over a couple of weeks later. As far as drinking its an aquired taste.. just show up drink barely and no one will notice... I don't do drugs or anything and my friends respect that but ill drink with em just a bit... if you keep drinking you'll acquire a taste for it. I love the taste of alcohol but also drink respnsibly which is how it should be done


You don't need to drink or do drugs or get a girlfriend or anything like that, but if you're out with friends or something, you'll stand out if you make such a huge deal out of it. Just get a soda or something. Or don't go to those types of parties. Sheesh.