What do guys like in girls and what to they get turned off by?

I am a petite girl, 5'1'' and I weigh 82 pounds, I enjoy reading, watching t.v./movies, playing video games, and spending time with friends and family. I am friendly to you if you are friendly to me and I don't like you if you are fakey or stuck-up. My style is my own-I don't follow trends, I don't have designer labels and I shop at Ross(I find their clothes are as good as any other stores-if not better) I am a straight A student and I have been all my life. My question is-is there any thing that I do that turns off guys and is there any thing I can do better? Thank You for your help :)


You sound like a nice genuine person but you may come across as intimidating to some guys if you are getting straight A's and they are not, they might feel like you wouldn't think they are good enough for you.

Guys aren't all the same. Something that would turn on one guy might turn off the other. I know this is probably what you all ways hear but you really just have to be yourself. i mean would you want someone liking you for acting like someone else?

Some advice i can give you though is let him know you like him (i am guessing you have someone in mind) if you know someone likes you then you seem to get a soft spot for them. I'm not saying tell them exactly its more to do with body language and eye contact. If you see him looking at you dont look away, hold his gaze for about 3 seconds then look away or smile, something to show you dont mind him looking at you. And if he steps close to you dont step back, this shows you dont mind him being close to you. Hope i helped xxx


It is nice you have character and personality and enjoy life and simple things of life. maybe you can be a little more understanding to others who may not be as organize as your self and be more open mind to they're personality as being different because we don't see the world situation the same way as you do.

The only turn off mistakes in your case maybe your self confident and your lack of social skills on how to communicate with guys who are not at your level character and therefore you need to come down to they're level and take them up to your.


you sound perfect to me. i love small girls who like to study


do u mean get rid off?

guys dont get rid of any girl unless they become rude to them or something like that. even if they are fat or whatever


A couple of things to know about boys:

Men need to receive

1) Trust

2) Acceptance

3) Appreciation

4) Admiration

5) Approval

6) Encouragement

I got this from a book called Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus by John Gray, Ph.D.


Sorry I meant to say---Everyone helped me but your answer helped me the most :) Thank You!

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