I have a real Jerry Springer situation here...?

ok that was a bad joke but here it is... from the beginning

last month my husband and i decided to try an open marriage. We were a bit rocky and wanted something new and fun. Don't think that this is a big jump from before because we have had threesomes and such before.

I work at a strip club and met a guy... a customer... and agreed to meet him on my day off... i can read people pretty well and figured he would be ok.

We went out on sunday may 16th. Slutty me was so into him that i slept with him that evening. What made me feel bad was not that he wasn't my husband. It was that i hadn't told him that i was married. *important note* he didn't have a condom.

This "other guy" is now technically my boyfriend. And yesterday i find out i'm pregnant.

Yeah i'm not sure if it's my husband's or my boyfriend's.

ok now here is my issue... if i find out it isn't my husband's... do i tell my boyfriend? or do i pretend it's my husbands and not say anything?

Also, here are my issues... my husband is my love but he is irresponsible, terrible with money, shitty at his job, and i always feel like i'm "mothering" him more than loving him. my boyfriend is super responsible, clean, proud of what he does and is good at it, he is stable, but i don't know if i could love him. it may develop but not yet.

logically i should go with the boyfriend due to lifelong security, but i love my husband.

hubs and i have been talking about splitting for a while and we fight all the time. but since the recent development (prego) we have tried to work things out. i'm wondering if its worth it. i mean when i told him i was pregnant he just said "ok?" even tho we had been trying for 2 years prior... he always said he wanted a child... yet now that it's here, he acts like it's not important. he didn't show even a glint in his eye that he was happy.

I 'know' that if i were to tell my bf that i was pregnant, he would hug me and cry with happiness. he already has one child and would LOVE another.

Any advice?


You have to tell them both the truth either way it goes... You don't want one or the other getting attached to the thought of a baby, only to find out it's not theirs, when they believe it is... you obviously care for pls be human enough to tell them both the truth so you don't rip the heart out of theie chests.


no sorry


Your morals are atrocious, but I guess that's how many modern women are.


Wow you should seek a paternity test and find out who the biological father is. Reguardless of that you should be with the person you truly love, but the childs real father whether that be your boyfriend or your husband needs to be there for his child.