Should a 21 year old feel pressure to get married?

Should a 21 year old feel pressure to get married? My mother keeps reminding me that she was married by my age and my grandma was married by my age and my great grandma was married at 17...My sister just got married last year (she was almost 22). I feel like I'm inadaquet everytime my mother brings it up. I usually tell her that I don't care but inside I do care. I would love to be married someday, but 21 feels so young and guys my age either aren't up to my standard or don't notice me at all. Any advice?


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Your still so young. Don't feel pressured. I am 23 and I have a lot of friends getting married and having kids and in a way I want that too but I see that I have so many more years to do that and its not a race. You have to feel comfortable doing it. Don't do anything you don't want to do. You will find that special guy one day :)

And if your mother brings it up just say your not her and your growing up in a different generation and you want to experience life before you settle down.


You need to do what your heart tells you. It's not there decision to make. Take your time to find the right one. It's your life not there's.


Tell them this is 2011, not 1950. You will get married when you are ready. It is no longer open as a topic of discussion. Then change the topic.


No you shouldn't feel pressure to get married. You get married if or when you meet the right person and want to do so. Tell your mother to get over herself.


NO WAY! That's way too young! Your mother is a different generation. Different people, different times. Like for me, 30? That's sensible. Not 21. That will not last unless you are incredibly lucky


Your mother,grandmother,and sister each had their choice of time to marry.

And you should have your own CHOICE OF TIME.

Remind them of that and hopefully they will get off your back.

You have one life, don't let someone else run or ruin it.


Hold off until you're ready. It's your life and not your mothers. Most people who marry young, divorce soon after. There are too many pressures that they can't handle. Work, kids, making ends meet etc. Get your life together first, and then think about getting married.


Tell your Mom to respectfully butt out.

You should get married "if and when" you decide you have the right person for you.....when the time is right......and when you're 100% ready.

If you're 57 and it's right for you that's when you should get married.