My husband wants to be friends with his ex girlfriend?

I wouldn't be a normal jealous type however, while i was pregnant with our first child he informed me and i quote " there is only one girl i would ever leave you for. " obviously i asked who? He told me his ex girlfriend that she was his first love and even though she cheated on him if would go back. There has been issues with him contacting her via private email and offering our home to her if she needed and LOW AND BEHOLD i jog into facebook and across my news feed it tells me they are friends! If knows how i feel and it does not seem to matter. What do i do?


_ Page 1 husband better never tell me "There is only one person I would leave you for", because I'd tell him to hell with him, have a great life, and sign the divorce papers tomorrow morning.

When you take marriage vows, you don't say, "I take you to be my wife until death do us part...unless Chelsea calls, in which case, my vows are null and void. Amen."

And the fact that he is in contact with her is unbelievable. You need to sit down with him and ask him where his head is, if he really wants to be married, and if he wants to raise this baby with you, because if he's more concerned about getting his dick inside his ex-girlfriend (to whom he has ZERO business talking/emailing) then you two need to head for a lawyer's office.

Un-freaking-believable. Who does that?!


They have been having a lot of stuff on the morning shows lately about things like this, One doctor PHD said that this can be considered a form of cheating, emotional. The fact that he told you what he did, tells me he isn't too bright, however some guys just don't think before they speak. This really isn't good the fact that he is disrespecting you by befriending her after you told him no, people have gotten divorced over things just like this. I would tell him what you say that you are very upset by this and that now because of what he did you don't trust him. Tell him if he values your marriage that he will tell her that it is best if they don't continue their online friendship or any further contact. I would also send her a nice email, because you don't know if your husband told her it was ok or not, and tell her that you would appreciate it if she would please discontinue further contact of any sort with your husband in respect of your marriage. Tell her that you are sure that she can appreciate where you are coming from being a wife and mother and not wanting your husband corresponding with an old girlfriend against his wife's wishes. Tell her that it isn't anything personal against her it is the circumstances. You should probably consider counseling, because I think there is going to be some fall out from this and some major trust issues.


I am usually very positive with my responses but in this case I think you should consider it problematic that your husband is in such close and frequent contact with his ex girlfriend, his first love.

I think that it is ill-advised for a man to be talking privately to his ex. This constant communication might ignite feelings in him that were dormant for so many years, and that spells trouble for your marriage.

Please talk to your husband about your concerns, but gently and in a non-threatening way. Have him imagine that you are the one sneaking behind his back and chatting with your first love. How would he feel? Maybe he will see how hurt and worried you are, and that he cannot continue to cause you so much distress and he loves you.

Good luck!


i don't know but it must've been some good sex




Divorce him.....


wtf? you married a guy who said this to you? If my husband said that to me he wouldnt be my husband....


You can't do anything because he can be friends with anybody he wants. Instructing him otherwise would be controlling.