Am I just over-analyzing this situation?:?

Boyfriend set his Facebook status saying he missed the college life(he had to leave the college back in mid December because he couldn't afford another semester).One of his friends from college a female commented on his status and this is their conversation.

Status:Missing the college life:

HER.missing you!

HIM.i figured you would so you get that tatoo yet

HER. haha oh yeah...the ink is just from a pen so it doesnt really count lol

HIM. lol so how you been

HER.pretty good. this semester has been pretty tough so far and its only the 3rd week of classes. weather is cold-ish but im not complaining too much cuz its negative degrees back at home lol. im working at the SLC now so that takes up some time but i love the ppl i work with so its okay. hbu? what you been up to?

HIM. i've been good its been good seeing all my old friends but i miss baylor and i know it must be boring with out me there lol

HER. haha you have no idea!

HIM. lol i come visit so you can have some fun lol


HIM.ya you can match me cups lol at least you would know you would have a fun night lol

am I just over analyzing this should I just let it be? Any opinions?


Over-analyzing. Seems like a typical conversation between old college buds...talking about a drinking game perhaps. Maybe he was the life of the party. Wouldn't worry about it.


It sounds slightly suspicious but not anything you can really read as anything going on for sure. It sounds a little like she's trying to tease and he's not rejecting the idea completely, but guys do that jokingly too, so can't be sure. I don't think I would get riled up just yet, but maybe just find out a little more about their relationship in the past however you can without causing a scene, or getting too much in anyone's business the wrong way. I think it also depends is he wanting to do this with her alone, or with others too? Just from the above conversation I don't see much that points to anything for sure. Just suspicions it appears to bring with certain wording like his response to the tattoo still being in pen and the desire to play the cups game. The better question is does the other female know you are dating him and if so why isn't she respecting that. If not, why doesn't she know about you? If it's a friend thing they shouldn't mind having you along too for this get together.


I think you should Ask Him about it. It doesn't sound like anything. and If It's on his Facebook and you are on there i am guessing I don't think he would have that Convo. knowing you might read it if it was something bad. I would just Kindly ask about it. Guys do need there Private space TO AN EXTENT. and If they don't get that from you, you could loose him. But It doesn't sound Like anything. If she looks like a whore...then look into her background :D lol


Overanalyzing at this point. Of course, we don't know what is going to happen from now on. But at this point, it still sounds like friendship.


Sounds like they used to drink together.

But I didn't get anything above an Associates Degree, so I'm not that smart.



That's just old friends catching up.

If this worries you in any way you NEED to give your own self-esteem a good kick in the pants.

Leave it be and stay on your own wall and in your own conversations.


1.) he's a "boyfriend".

You're not engaged,

you're not married.

This is sooooo lame.

2.) yes, you're over-analyzing.

3.) and, you're a drama queen.

Act your age.

8th grade is over... & has been for a long time now....


Matching cups means to drinks as many shots as the other person(or just to drink the same amount) Well, if he was lying just to have a conversation it may be ok; but if he actually goes back to match those drinks you may need to worry. B.O.A.N if you love him just let it go. It will do nothing but create problems to discuss this. Boys will be boys. I wish the best of luck to you.