My husband will be 30 next month any gift ideas?

Sex is fine to start I know everyone suggests a BJ. Seriously grow up and get over that.

Anyway I don't know what to buy my husband. He is not into sports or anything like that then that would be easy for me.

All he does is work hard, provide for his family and then when he isn't working he is spending time with me and the kids. I am a SAHM. I want to make him feel special and appreciated.

I always cook, clean and take care of the kids and I know he sees that as a sign of appreciation but I want to get him something that shows him how I really appreciate him that isn't just the same old same old.

Thanks in advance.


Well, obviously none of us know your husband's tastes and interests, likes and dislikes like you do.

But your situation sounds a lot like mine. I stay at home and do all the cooking, cleaning, and caring for him and the kids and my husband works a lot of hours and works hard and when he isn't working, he hangs out at home with us, doesn't really have any hobbies or interests that keep him busy.

But there are some things that he does like to do, even if only once in a while. I gave him a golf certificate for a round of golf for his last birthday. He doesn't get to golf often--he likes it but isn't very good but still enjoys it. My husband also likes movies, so a well-chosen DVD is a good gift for him.

When my husband turned thirty two years ago, I threw him a surprise birthday party and invited some other couples that we were both friends with. My husband loves to sing karaoke, so I made sure that was part of the party, and his favorite dessert is banana cream pie, so that's what we had instead of cake.

For a typical birthday, I try to find something nice to give him, like a DVD, and I always make his favorite meal and dessert from scratch. Maybe even just offering a back rub after dinner and really focusing on him all day would be enough to suffice.


You must know what you husband likes and dislikes, he must have hobbies or some sort.

Has he said anything about wanting to buy something but could not do it at this time?

The one thing my fiance and I have is that we communicate enough to know what the other person likes and dislikes. She may say something about a place she wants to visit or a thing she wants to have, could be mentioned last week or 3 months ago, all I do is make a mental note of it, and take her to that place or buy her that one thing on her b-day or xmas.

Likewise she does something similar.

The value of the gift is not the thing that is appreciated, it is the gesture....

Making a nice dinner for two with the kids asleep or at the grandparents is a good gift to do too.


If you want to give him a gift, a nice watch or wallet. What about a surprise birthday party? Or a weekend get-a-way for just the two of you.




If he doesn't have a Swiss Army knife, get him a good one, like a Victoronox. Or a multi-tool by Victorinox or Leatherman. I personally love that stuff.

Or you can buy him a cane, a wheelchair, or a rocker for the front porch. Ha.


it baffles me how people ask stranger on the internet what to get their life partners for a present.. he is your husband, surely you know him better than us! Be creative!

Is there something in the house he needs, is there anything from his childhood that he liked? Has he passed hints?