Should i give him a second chance ..........?

I have been seeing this guy and i really like him.However,he seems unpredictable and unreliable when it comes to hanging out.Something always comes up.Even on Valentines day,he fell asleep when we were suppose to meet up.He works overnights and we were suppose to meet up in the elate afternoon around 5 pm.Then it turns out that he didn't sleep during the day and he went to bed at 4 pm instead which was an hour prior the time time we were suppose to meet up.We still met up at 7 pm but he was tired.i then asked him why he didn't sleep during the day and his excuse was he couldn't fall asleep.

In addition,we planned to meet up today and go for a walk.He lives the apartment beside me so we live few minutes away from each other.I called him around 5pm to confirm it and he we decided to meet up around 7pm.Then he told me to call him is i don't hear from him.Well,it was past 7 so i decided to call him but he didn't answer his phone.He probably fell asleep or something.He doesn't have a call display or voice mail so i can't leave a message.I am disappointed because i was looking forward to it.I getting really frustrated with him.As matter of fact,he didn't call at last night.It was his day off so i don't know if he has a good reason to for not picking up the dam phone and call me.

On the hand,he is bisexual but he leans towards men which scares me little bit.I feel like i won't be able to fully satisfy him and he will cheat with me with man or leave me for one.We are also co workers and i had doubts about and i was reluctant to get involved with him but i figure out life is about taking chances and risk.

Quite frankly i just came to realize that him and i are not going to work out so i was thinking to end it before it goes further and complicated.We work together but he works an overnight shift and i work a day shift.

He is 36 and i am 25 btw

I didn't hear from him since that day which was sunday night and i was off yesterday so i saw him today morning at work and the first things he said was he fell asleep and he didn't woke up until 11 pm and it was too late to call and he apologized after i told him how disappointed i was about it.

He called me today after work and left a voice mail asking me to call him back.I don't know if i should call him back since i am still little upset about Saturday and i am unsure if even want to talk to him tonight.

what should i do?


I don't know - it sounds as if you've given him plenty of *second chances*.

If he loved you, he would make keeping his promises to you a priority. He clearly doesn't do that.

And - he's eleven years older than you, works opposite shifts and enjoys sex with men? No offense, Honey, but I expect you can find someone out there better suited to you. Who WILL make spending time with you a priority. I worked nights for five years - but if I told the man I loved I would be there at 5:00, by God, I'd be there at 5:00. Because I love him, and I wouldn't want to let him down.

Up to you, but all signs point to continued frustration until you finally decide you've had enough. Or you can spare yourself that and release him, kindly. That's what I would do, anyways. Good luck deciding.


I understand he works different hours to you, but why did it take days for him to get in touch? I think it's not really worth the hassle. It seems that you have to chase him. In the early days, my partner used to work shift work, and tired or not, he would always make time for me.


if i was you i would be worried he would cheat on me too... there is like, twice the chance he is going to cheat on you because he likes guys and girls... and from personal experience, opposite shifts DO NOT work out, cause as you said, he is always sleeping when your awake, and you cant really have a strong relationship if its over the phone... so i think you go for someone else..


Having dated and married a man that worked straight midnights for years I can say with certainty that you'd best be willing to accommodate someone who's schedule is different than yours. Also, learn about circadian rhythm so that you understand what his body goes through.

Make plans based on his schedule rather than yours. If that means meeting for breakfast after his shift but before your day starts, so be it.

I never dated people from work- to me, that is unprofessional. Your choice, many do it.


Move on, find someone else.


dont bother with him if he is bisexual...


No move on can you imagine if you were married to him

the way he would treat you.

Take Care.


You wrote a "manuscript" here for the " m a r r i a g e a n d d i v o r c e" category...

Methinks a remedial course in reading would be advisable (even at 25) and dump the old man of 36.