Should I take a chance?flirt with another mans wife and see what happens?

Shes so beautiful and I think its worth a shot,he's too feminine anyway,what happened to women who like real men?he writes her poetry and walks her home from walk like shes some little child and they were virgins when they got married so I cant imagine he could even satisfy her.Is it worth a shot ? Hes a lazy husband anyway cause she makes his lunch every day,is he that incapable?She doesnt need him


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I think you are a dawg to want to break up a marriage like that. Cant find your own woman so you have to go after someone elses? Who are you to judge him and their relationship together. Im sure you aint all that. She loves him or she wouldnt have married him. There is nothing feminine about writing poetry. Its very romantic and shows that he cares for her. Go hang with your boys and good luck in finding a lady that will tolerate your cocky attitude or lack of respect for marriage.


Carrie told your trife ***


He may seem feminine, but I'll bet his penis is bigger than yours.


There are no words to describe people like you.


Go ahead and flirt with her. She will laugh in your face. She has a real man that you are obviously very jealous of.


If you like getting punched in the mouth go for it. Who are you to judge another person's tastes.


Probably she would laugh in your face. So if you are into humiliation, go for it. If she is smart, she will recognize your poor moral character immediately.


Why would she possibly want to stay with her husband when she could have a troll like yourself. I'd say go for it but please put the baby down first you wouldn't want the baby you so lovingly breastfeed to be hurt when you get punched. lol at least you didn't go into as much detail as yesterday