His wife found out, now he won't talk to me - what do I do?

Yes, I know. The word WIFE automatically has led you to judge me. Well screw it. In today's world so many people do it. Your oblivious if you think it doesnt happen. This guy fell in love with me for a reason. I love him and no matter what I do, I can't unlove him. His wife found out about us and now he won't talk to me. He is denying to her that he ever loved me, which is a downright lie. Its obviously his wife that he did not.does not love. Had he loved her, he never would have fell in love with me. They have 2 kids and I know that is the reason they are staying together. I don't know whether to leave him alone or try to talk to him or what. I love him to much to back away. And now, his wife is emailing me. Of all things, she's trying to be my friend it seems. Its weird.

I know, go ahead - throw stones at me for dating a married man. But there's gotta be at least one person out there who can empathize with me.


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sometimes we find love in unlikely places whilst id never date a married man i dont know how i would react if i fell in love with one..but i do know that a man/woman should never stay in a marriage that they are unhappy in but our children always keep us there..he may love u my dear but it seems it wants to do right by his children..give him space and if he loves u he will come back to u if not im sorry for the pain he caused..dont listen to people who call you names..we can find love in all kinds of places


He never loved you. He just told you that to get a piece of your a**. He's not going to leave his wife to be with you. You should know that most men wont leave their wives to be with the other woman. Besides once a cheater always a cheater. Why would you want a man that cheated on his wife? If he cheated on her with you, he'll definitely cheat on you to be with someone else. Lose the loser and find yourself a single guy who want to be with you.


Well I can empathize with you because you love him and you are sure he loves you. Its a bad predicament you've gotten yourself into. You can't be dating a married man that just sets you up for hurt. Listen, I understand you are in love with him, and you say he loves you. Even if this true you have to back off and respect his wife and him. If he would have chosen to leave his wife, it would be different. But he chose to stay,according to you for his children's sakes. But, even so, that's What he chose. You have to respect that. If you really are meant to be, it will eventually happen. But, until then, you need to let it go. His wife didn't ask for this and if she is willing to work it out with him and he wants to too, than they have the right to. I hope this helped and im sorry that all of you have to go through this. Good luck


You know that carrying on with a married man is wrong, or you wouldn't be so defensive about it. He stopped talking to you because, though he may care about you, his marriage and family are more important to him than you are. As for why his wife is being friendly toward you--she wants you to see her as a person, and hopefully respect her marriage and back away from her husband. And, knowing that you're involved with him, she wants you right out where she can see you.


I am not to throw any stones.

But I can not empathize with you because the betrayal of a husband is

more than a wife can take.

Whatever is going on between him and his wife, let them solve their problem

among themselves.

You stay out of it. If he is for you, he will solve his situation all by himself and

you will feel much better because you did not broke their marriage.

I do not know what your wife is e-mailing you for except to remember the

old saying: " Keep your friends close, BUT your enemies closer"


It wasn't love. It was lust. He told you he loved you so he could use you like a *** dumping whore. Have some pride and find your own damn man.


I'd recommend a permanent form of birth control for both parties first.

Then no further gene pool contamination would take place.


You're deluding yourself so why should anyone here waste their time? You got used and screwed, but you asked for it...and it doesn't matter if "so many people do it"...why would you want to be just another piece of trash like "so many" others?

Karma..what goes around, comes around...

What do you do? Stay away from guys in relationships and date single men...have some pride in yourself and respect...