Women only, is your spouse addicted to Pot and Lies a lot?

How do you feel about this and what do you do about the situation? No Bull crap answers, Very serious about this Discussion!


No, i know that i deserve better than a drug user and a liar. I would never want one of those people in my son's life either.

If you are describing your spouse, I want you to know that you deserve better than that.


i dont have a problem with pot....but lying is a problem!


I wouldn't stay married to someone that does pot and lies. I'd kick them to the curb for good!


No, when I was married that wasn't the case...

However, casual pot use isn't something I'd have a problem with...lying is something I'd have a HUGE problem with...

You can't trust a liar, and without trust you have no real relationship...


I'm a man, but my wife is mentally addicted to pot. (It's not physically addictive). She doesn't lie about it, because she doesn't have to. We both know she's addicted. How do I feel about it? I want her to reduce the amount she smokes, and she knows I'm serious about that, so she's reducing her intake. What do I do? I make it clear to her that unless she gets control over her addiction and reduces it to an acceptable amount, that I'm outta here. She understands that, and works on it to my satisfaction. It's a process. I laid down the line, and she's making an effort to comply with my wishes on this subject.