I want a divorce from my wife?

I married my wife five years ago. We had known each other for 3 years before we got hitched.

Everything seemed fine at first, but since two years ago when our son was born (unplanned pregnancy :/), we've been arguing like crazy. She's always shouting at me because I spend time fixing my cars up with my mate, Dougie. I get annoyed at her because all she cares about is the flipping baby.

She told me if I didn't care about my own son, I could push off. Frankly...I couldn't give a toss about the kid. All he does is cry and poop and puke. I honestly have no feelings for him whatsoever. I wanted my wife to have an abortion but she wouldn't listen...

Me and Dougie have decided we're gonna go on a road trip and we want to go to Las Vegas. I know we're probably going to have a wild boys time, so I want to get a quickie divorce. The wife can have full custody of the kid, but I'm willing to pay good maintenance for him.

So. How can I get a quick divorce?

I don't want any slagging off, okay? Just answers would be nice.



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Kids ruin EVERYTHING! Why don't more men get a vasectomy? It's fast,painless and the key to a stress-free life.


Maybe you shouldn't have stuck your Corn dog inside of your should have stuck it inside of Dougie since he cant bear any poo pie whiny babies....U suck and never should have married her in the first place. May God have mercy on you! You ought to be a shame of your self. Go to whatever county city clerk you are from and request for the divorce if you haven't been married for over a year then you can request for a annulment. You can also do a uncontested divorce you despicable sick excuse of a male. I hope she gets you for everything you own and I hope your baby pukes and poops in your mouth, You need help!


you just gave the definiton for





oh yea and a COWARD ?


Men who runs from their responsibility are wussess... wear a condom next time or get it snitched...






show her this post and I'm sure she'll be glad to take care of that paperwork right away.


Try to love her.Don't divorce her.