Found out my husband been watching women on cam?

last night my other half told be he has been going on a certain site on the computer and watching women on live cam pleasuring them self... i feel as if in a Sense he has cheated on me... only reason i found out due to his history on comp.. he making out he done nothing wrong, end day cyber sex to me am i being stupid being so upset


No, you are not being stupid. Anytime a spouse hides something...there is a problem. I would be concerned because you don't know where this is leading. It often goes from these types of sites to on-line chat to cyber sex with a stranger to physical sex with someone. Keep your eyes and ears open...this may be a pattern.


You're being stupid! And you are probably not giving him enough sex either


Not really a big deal maybe the 2 of u should watch together I have been married 12 years every once. And a while we will go out and its date night I will let her bring another guy back to hotel and she allows me to do the same I do enjoy watching her have sex. She has even escorted a few times I have no problem with it relaze u live 1 time