How do you get rid of someone who is trying to steal your husband?

This girlfriend of my sons keeps coming over, who is also married by the way, and suggesting that she is more involved with my husband than she is my son. She is becoming a real problem for both of us and she doesn't take a hint very well and we have both told her how we feel. We have asked her not to come back and she does anyways and she knows way more about us than she should, like personal things. It is almost like she stands outside the door or the window and listens or something. She is always trying to get my husband to talk to her and she makes him uncomfortable.She even tries to tell me what my husband means when he says something or tries to tell me things that just aren't her place. We have both kicked her out and she always finds a way back in through somebody. I have tried everything except violence.My husband has ignored her and has been rude and told her to never come back. What else is there to say or do? She is so much drama, the store here in town told her not to come back in there because they don't want the drama.


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Make a police report, and document each violation. Tell her she is trespassing and refuse her entry. Get a restraining order.

Who ever lets her in, needs to be set straight. If she comes with them, they are trespassing too.

A restraining order keeps her x number of feet away from you and your husband whereever you go.

You have a stalker. Take it seriously!


I hate to break it to you like this... BUT... if she knows things she shouldn't.. personal things... how do you expect she is getting that information? Is it things that your son would know and talk to her about? And get in? Your house? That's easy - if you've told her to get out and stay out and she won't... that's where the police come in. Your house - you don't have to allow anyone in that you don't want to... as long as you and your husband are on the same page.... my blunt opinion just from what you've said though.. if she indeed knows these things there is no way your son would know... you MIGHT want to keep an eye on your husband... which I am guessing that you suspect some sort of foul play and that's why you are on here asking... But trust me honey - I have been there done that - my ex husband went as far as to tell me that if he were ever going to cheat on me it would "NEVER" be with someone like "her"... well.... now he's MARRIED to "her"... So.. just be careful with your heart. If you suspect he's cheating - my best advice is to ALWAYS trust your gut... its called a gut feeling for a reason... nothing else makes sense, but its still true. My "gut" feeling was always right...unfortunately. Good luck!


Hire a Hit Man!


if she is your son's girlfriend tell him not to bring her over one has to let anyone in their house unless they want to. i think you should lay the blame on your son.


She sounds like a real crazy, but no one can steal your husband unless he wants to be stolen. Sounds like a restraining order may be in order if she can not take NO for an answer.


That is when I would call the cops. I would make sure she knew this is serious. You could also get a protective order against you and your husband. You just have to go up to the county office. She is certainly stalking you people....and that is just wierd.


At this point, she is trespassing. Tell her to stay away or the cops will be called. If she comes back, make good on your promise and call the cops. They will escort her off the property and give her a citation. THEN, file a restraining order against her.


Sounds like you're being stalked.

Easy way to take care of this is get a restraining order.

If the restraining order doesn't work, then think about relocating.

If that doesn't work, get new names a fake address, and let her husband know what kind of a pain she really is.