Girls, do you think that a married men who takes care of his baby is Sexy...?

like when he is helping his son who is still a baby change his clothes,changing his diaper,feeding him with milk (not his breast milk,lol) or anything and anykind of things he did to take care of his baby...


Sexy? Not necessarily.

Responsible - yes. Caring - yes.

And those are the things to look for more than sexy.


Why you are asking this, parents are same for own children.


Absolutely. It shows he is a nurturing and caring person who is able to think of the needs of someone other than themselves. What isn't sexy about that?


Sexy? No, I think he is a responsible parent and recognizes it isn't the sole responsibility of the mother to do these things.


im not a girl but i just dont think that there is anything standard out there that will determin whats sexy and wats not by 100%....its all up to might find it girl might not...10 girls tha will reply might find it sexy....but 100 more that wont reply wont find it sexy....

if it works for you then ok thats good...if not then twist abit and instead of seing it as a put off just say is a good father and extra caring... ;)


If you don't want to be single and alone at age 60 then you better just do it without wondering if it's sexy or not. :)