My old dog sometimes limps and then is fine. please help?

I have a 13 year old shih tzu, despite being quite old she still seems to have balls of energy and is a great little lady, born to please; however lately we have noticed that every now and again (its happened twice in the last four weeks) she'll come in from the garden or wake up from a sleep and limp on her front right paw, she almost looks like she's tipsy, She doesn't look in any pain, shes quite a silent dog in general and doesn't make any crys, I've picked her up when its happened and delicately touched it, today it happened and im sure i felt a click after about 2minutes she was completely fine and run to her treats.

I was on my way to the vets when it first happened but when i got her out of the car all was fine so didn't go in the end as it was no longer an emergency. Each time i have looked at her foot and she doesn't appear to have stepped on anything, and its happened randomly after a nap.

I was thinking possibly with old age her leg could have just seized up, i will take her too the vets on tuesday but until then, just in case it happens again. Does anyone have any advice? has it happened to anyone Else'ss dog?



We've had a similar situation over the years with some of our German Shepherd Dogs, it's a sign of old age creeping up and a touch of arthritis. One of them used to come into the house and hold her paw out and sort of 'moan'. We used to rub it better for a few seconds, then she would be happy and run off back as though it had never happened.

Yes, we sometimes treated them like children! (as though they'd fallen over and hurt them selves)

You can take them to the vets but by the time you get there - they seem perfectly OK

It's all part of the life cycle of owning a dog.

Don't fret.


Arthritis... and this is very painful. dogs are good at covering up pain.

Take the dog to the vet.

Arthritis is degenerative..meaning it gets worse.. you need to see the vet

to diagnose and put her on the right dosage and kind of medicine.


this is of course a guess, but an ACL injury, what it is a ligament that has torn in the knee, and the knee cap is sliding around, making it so she can not fully bend her leg.…


she isn't old i have a yorkie who is 18years old,she most probably has a touch of arthritis due to wear and tear,


Arthritis is a real possibility at that age,see your dogs Vet.


It's just called getting old. joints get stiff, muscles get sore. It happens to the best of us. I'm a bit sore and stiff when I wake up too. A little walking around usually works it out, it just takes time.