How to get my betta fish to eat from my fingers?

like, what techniques can i use?

he's in a 15 gallon community tank, and i only got him yesterday, but during feeding they all get a little bit aggressive. luckily, the betta managed to grab a pellet just before the tetras (neon and harlequins) got them all, but one of the neones tried to nip his tail, but the bettas is fine (other than this they've never nipped him before).

so to bond with him a little more, and to save him pain during feeding time i'd like to be able to eat from my fingers, but he's scared of me right now. i know to wait a week or so until he gets acquainted to my presence, but how can i get him to get used to eating from my fingers? or train him to do this.

any personal stories or experiences would be great, any tips or advice would be very much welcome as well. thank you :D


first feed him dried blood worms or sometimg really tasty and watch closely so he knows your presnece is near, then feed him again with you finger near the food, it takes time and patience, and gradually he will be eating out of your hand! You can also make him jump in the air, but preferably not to if you don't have a lid as this encourages the fish to jump out of the tank. It also depends on his personality, i had a betta fish once which took ages until he could eat out of my hand, but i also had another one who learned fast and was very brave :). Hope that helps.


all i did was stick a pellet on the tip of my finger and hover right over the surface. he just jumped for it


that the stupidest idea ever but I was able to get a gourami to eat from my hand by getting my finger a little wet and sticky a flake on it. try that


well, try getting your hand closer each time, and eventually he might be willing to eat from your hands. thats my idea, good luck