Why does yahoo freely allow questions about acts of animal cruelty?

But I can't ask people if they tell their cats/dogs/pets that they love them?


I dont think they read them when 'trustworthy' people report the violation. You can respond and get your answer put back up when it is removed though. It works for many people. They do review those.....


Just because you tell your pet you love them dosent mean your not cruel. Neglect is cruel, Harming a animal is cruel....Not telling your pet you love them is NOT cruel. Although i love all my pets and talk to them in the stupid baby voice telling them how cute they are and how much i love them, whilest i look unsane.


Because some people think you are referring to Love in a sexual way and report you. And the general public need to be educated on animal cruelty and the penalties against it.


I think that a question or reply gets removed if it has been reported by two different people, and I really don't think they even read/look at them before removing them to be honest.

Example. Someone once posted a thread that was basically an ignorant racist thing trying to rile people up. I responded by telling him he was being ignorant.

I get a violation/post removal for not answereing the question, but his post is still up two hours later....

I really think they don't look half the time.


Realy why?


i just answered your question about telling my dogs i love them how come its not allowed?