Silver tipped shark catfish spinning out of control now dead ?

I just saw my silver tipped shark spinning like a tornado out of control around the tank, then I went to go upstairs to get something. After I come back I see my poor fish dead at the bottom of the water. I scooped him up into a container to get a closer look and he's not breathing or moving and theres no cuts on the body. How could this happen?

I have 2 other silver tipped sharks with him and they're all about 2-3 inches long.


Could be one of a hundred reasons.

Typically fish in pain tend to make erratic movements. If his behavior was incosistant with normal it's likely he was in pain. Who knows what caused it? Check your environment. It's possible one of the others made a threatening move and he slammed into an object (blunt trauma).

I'd check your water conditions to ensure the other two aren't headed out either.