Can I stop my cat from going here?

Ok I computer is in a cabnet and theres a big space behind with a ton of wires, he keeps going back there and once pulled a wire and my computer crashed! There are 2 ways for him to get in, every time he does, I smack him on the but at medium power, and he still goes back, I tried everything to block him but he jumps over, HOW DO I STOP THIS? I DONT WANT MY COMPUTER TO BLOW UP!


You could try to get cardboard or something to try to block the entrance so he can't get in, or when he goes it, try to spray him with water ( without getting your wires wet ) Most cats hate water, so that'll discourage him and he'll remember not to go there.

Hope I helped! :)


u can put a childs lock on it so he can't get in, or u can duct tape the door shut hope i helped