Robo Dwarf Hamster cage help?

Okay, I have a list of supplies I MIGHT be buying tomorrow. Can you tell me if the cage and bedding is good enough? Thanks and wish me luck! :D

Cage:… (Is the wheel's gap too big? And is the stairs dangerous?)

Bedding:… (is this good enough? I'll buy two packs of it)

OR can I use Scott Toilet paper for bedding? Can I use kleenex tissues?

And for like a little cave or house, I'm going to use a container and cut a door for it to use.

Thank you! :D and wish me luck, I asked my mom if we could look at fishes but I'm going to buy hamster supplies.

Oh and should I buy the hamster when I get supplies or after I get supplies?


The wheel should be solid, no bars, as her feet could fall through, get stuck, and break. I would suggest putting some cloth on a few of the levels, so she has somewhere to rest her feet and get off of the hard bars.

Fluff is not bedding. In fact, I wouldn't use fluff in the first place as it's VERY easy to choke on. Use Aspen or Carefresh. I suggest setting everything up and then getting the hamster, so it's not sitting in the box going "WHAT'S HAPPENING D=", especially if your cage is defective and you need to return it to get a new one.


I still wouldn't use it, it's going to get moldy if he pees on it, and it's prolly gonna be dusty. You can buy HUGE bags of Aspen for like $11 at Petco, just buy that since it'll work waaaay better in your favor.

And they do give you a little box, but it's really stressful for the hamster to be in a dark, small place with all these strange noises.


No. that cages bars look way too far apart - dwarf hamsters must have bars no further than 7mm apart, otherwise they will escape. Also the wheel is too high up, and the levells where bars are the floor can be very bad and painful on their feet. The stairs do look dangerous - any height for robos is dangerous as they are quite agile and often fall - injuring themselves. they would definately have trouble climing the stairs as they look very far apart! It is best too make your own cage, as this way you can give them a much more suitable sized cage - we have made our own from a large wooden box (80cm by 100cm) which has a waterproof lining so is easy to clean, and is shallow enough that it allows for good ventilation, we fitted our own mesh lid. You might not be able to find a similar box, but clear storage containers are often just as good. Or you could use an aquarium - it must be at least 15 gallon though, anything else is too small - I would recommend around 20 gallon.

answering on the bedding point - Grassy Goodnight is very good! We used a sample of it for our robo and he loved it because it is a great natural mix and works well for a nest. We have actually been searching for the brand lately - but it is not supplied anywhere near us :( you should put a good few handfuls of it in the actual cave/house, DONT use it on the cage floor - use woodshavings that you find at the shop - they are very common, and buy the type that is recommended for hamsters and other small rodents.

Have you researched the type of hamster that would suit you best? Do you realise you wont be able to hold the robo - they are by far the fastest and least friendly of all the breeds - I have spent months of patience on ours, and even after a year the most one would do is simply sit for a few seconds on my hand while he ate a treat. just to say - I hope you understand this before you commit to having them. If you understand this, then you will also realise you simply will not be able to open any box he is in to 'let him see light' because he will run away, also you should be getting 2 as they are social animals that need a companion - they should be sold in same sex pairs that are siblings. It is best to buy them seperately - this way the hamsters dont have to be kept in the box for long, as this causes them stress, which is bad for them. Also, you will definately have to be buying a different cage than the one you showed - will you be able to find it at the store? probably not, bearing in mind it must ba a large size - with robos it is usually necessary to make them a home as they need SO much space (they can run up to 20 miles a night, and need lots of space to explore), will you be able to sort this out in time to get one while you are there? It sounds like it would be more advisable to get a syrian - which would be able to use the cage you suggested, so you would be able to buy it on the day - and you would only need to buy 1 as they are solitary, and you can actually tame them so they will friendly to your hand! they are much easier pets in general than the robo.

hope you make the right choices! :) goodluck


idk about the cage - i used an aquarium. i dont think the robo dwarf hamsters like to climb that much - at least mine don't. I would get a more flat cage - or just use a fishtank (it's also good bc you can see through it easier. here is an example of a good aquarium:… (you don't need the light, and you don't need a lid, but if you want one, just make one by using four pieces of wood, assembled like a picture frame, and then use something like chicken fence wire for the top. but you don't need a lid because they won't be able to get out)

If you don't wanna do that I guess that cage is fine, but you might want a flatter one, or a smaller one depending on how many hamsters you will get.

the cave idea is cool

p.s.:you didn't include the picture for the bedding, but I wouldn't recommend using toilet paper or tissues bc the hamsters might eat it which could make them sick. most beddings are fine though that you get in the store.

I would tell you more, but my computer is messing up, sorry:(

good luck with the hamster though, you could also ask someone at the store if your not sure also


I'd buy the hamster when yo uget the supplies.

The cage looks good, the wheel is alittle high up, but mostliek ly there is the option to move it, so just move it down. You might want to buy some felt, becausei if u see yoru hasmter having problems walking o nthe bars, putting felt over it stops that problem. The stairs are not dangerous.

I can't see the bedding for some reason, it sent me back to the cage. I would say you need carefersh or Aspen bedding. No other wood chip types (Aspen is wood chips) Carefresh is super absorbant and is very flufy, it'd be the best bedding.

I wouldnt use scott toilet paper or kleenex tissues. It doesn't suck in any odor, and doesnt fufli there need to burrow enough.

This all sounds good.

Hope I helped

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