Can my lizard eat this spider?…

I found it in my garage. Can I feed it to my Western Fence lizard, or will he die if he is accidentally bitten, or if the spider bites when it is inside his mouth?

Oh, and this may be an unneccesary action, but should I freeze him and take the fangs out just to be on the safe side?


Your lizard will chomp it down dead before it even has a chance to bite. He'll be fine


Why have you asked this question three times now? I'm starting to think you're just joking, especially when you talk about something as unnecessary as freezing a spider and removing the fangs. Buy some crickets or just get rid of the lizard!

EDIT: If you're so worried , why not just get rid of the freakin' spider and go get some crickets rather than asking a stupid question over and over? The spider is harmless to the lizard. Even if you removed the fangs, the venom is still in the spider's head. It would be pointless. Are you still feeding it moths? Maybe you should just let the lizard go since you obviously caught it and don't know how to care for it. And then you'll have more time for your Stars Wars video games!

Wow, this is funny! YOU telling some else they shouldn't own a reptile:;…


I wouldnt take the chance.


you should not feed your lizard insects you find outside because they could be carrying or diseases which could harm your pet.


There shouldn't be any problem, but if you feel safer freezing it then you should.


Also, trust me, you're going to be seeing sillier questions about reptiles, so shut your Internet tough-guy mouth and behave.

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YES OF COURSE I have a UVB light for him. YES I use calcium. I HAVE EVERYTHING I NEED to take care of him. Again, stop with the stupid accusations. Do you want to say everything you've said right now to my face? Mhm, sure you do. You big brave boy.

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Alright, Madsnakeman. So you decided to disable IM? How brave of you. I only asked these 'silly' questions because I wanted to see if I could do anything else with my lizard. Did it ever occur to you that this is my first lizard and I want to learn as much as possible so I can become a good owner?

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