How long can a cat survive without food or water?

My mom and I had to leave the country for an emergency family problem (my uncle passed away) and we left my older brother in charge of taking care of my cat. We've been gone for about three weeks and from what he's been saying, he's been taking care of him. But now I hear that he went to Panama with his girlfriend without even telling me and I'm really worried about my cat! He needs food and water and a clean litterbox. I'm so scared that I might come home and find that something terrible has happened. :( I can't do anything from across the world and he's the only one with a key to my house. I'm going back home in about a week. Do you think my cat will be okay? Any answers will be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.


Surely he made other arrangements for the cat before he left?

If he really is so stupid that he didn't, your cat may still be ok, if he has access to , say, the toilet - for drinking out of. Or if there's a dripping tap. Food he can survive for a week, not comfortably, but it will not kill him. Litter box: there could be rather a horrible mess when you get back but you can clean it up. Good luck and I'm sorry your brother is unreliable. This is where boarding kennels are worth the money. The cat may not be happy but will be safe.


Its irresponsible to let somebody else to take care of it. Considering its your own pet. I think you should go home as soon as possible. You might be lucky that your cat (1) found ways to survive (considering he is in a house not a jungle) or (2) he might have found a way into the streets. Fingers crossed that he did number 1.


Please call a neighbor or even the local police department to see if someone can stop by and check on them. If you are gone for more than a few days after he left and your brother did not leave piles of food and bowls of water, you might come home to some really sick and/or dead cats!

Please do not play around with this subject, get SOMEONE to go over there! NOW!


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How long was he in Panama? That's an important factor.

I know that humans can survive without water for up to 3 days only, and without food for a month. I suppose for cats, it's a little less.

If you're going to be gone, here's an idea... call one of your friends to break into your home and feed your cat. I know, that sound weird, but I'd say it's better than your cat starving.


Why would you wait a week if you think no one's taking care of the cat?!?

NOTHING, including an uncle's death, would keep me from going back home.

Even if the cat survived that long, it would be in really bad shape.

The emergency is now at home, Dear.

Why would you ask someone to care for your pet that would be that irresponsible, anyways.