Whats the difference - Breeds?

Hi we recently adopted two we were googling...we came across a breed named "Alaskan Malamute". Their looks are that of a Sibe!

Are they two different breeds...or the same one!


The most notable physical difference is size, the Siberian Husky is around 45-60 pounds for males, 35-50 for females and around 21-23-1/2 inches at the withers (shoulders) in males, 20-22 inches in females. Where as the Alaskan Malamute is about 85 pounds in males, 75 pounds in females and 24-26 inches at withers in males, 22-24 in females (watch out for "Giant Malamutes", which are purposely breed to be 100 and even up to 180 pounds, which cause health problems for the dogs and doesn't conform to the breed standard).

Also, Malamutes have a tail that curls over their back, whereas the siberians should be straight. Siberians can have brown or blue eyes, one of each, or even parti-colored (half blue, half brown in the same eye), while malamute can only have brown eyes.

Both dogs have very sweet temperaments, and LOVE to run ALOT. Neither often bark, but both make whining and moaning noises kinda like a wookiee (the wookiee noises are actually based off a malamute George Lucas once owned). Neither make good guard dogs as they both love everybody they meet.


Nooo...a husky is in the same family but half the dad had a malamute and they are the size of small horses. They are HUGE. You need a lot of space for that dog.


These are great for just a short overview of a breed


Despite the similarities in looks there actual very different breeds.

The main difference is the size of the two breeds and eye colours vary slightly and a slight difference in confirmation……


There can be a lot of differences.Like how the dog behaves,looks,sheds,and more.

Heres information on the Alaskan Malumate:

Heres information on the Siberian Husky:


Totally different breeds.