My cat when she is given food eats it all at once then is sick everywhere.?

why does this happen? is their any way i can stop it happening? please help1


You are going to have to take control of her eating by just giving her small amounts of food at a time. You don't tell us anything about her background, but it sounds like she used to have competition for food, so she learned to eat everything she could while it was there or there wouldn't be any later. Most cats are nibblers though out the day, but your cat is a gobbler. Do you have other cats as well?


Uh, she may feel like someone going to take her food. thats why. I would just give her a smaller amount of food.


Probably eating too fast. Either don't give her as much or else my vet told me feed them on a plate rather than in a bowl. They won't have an edge to push the food up against to get into their mouth and it slows them down. I tried it and it works.


try feeding her in smaller portions, and if you haven't already, try different types of food (wet vs. dry)


Try giving her a very little amount at a time then wait 30 mins so she can digest it and then give her a bit more. Maybe better quality food would help too. Also, if you feed the cat only once a day she might be afraid shes not getting enough so she eats it as fast as she can.


cause she's a fatty, a common problem in house cats... try giving her smaller amounts a few times a day


hairballs.... i have the same problem :(


We had a cat that did the same thing, so we just fed her smaller portions more frequently throughout the day. Seems to have worked.