How do I learn to Breed my dog?

I Want to breed my AKC female pom, but i want to know how to be a good breeder first? I know to get all the tests done and to wait till she is two. What else do i need?


Find as many books as possible to help you, get a mentor, and register yourself with AKC. Also use the breeder you purchased her from to help you. If you want her pups to be worth anything they also need to have a championship background. Look into competitions for her and what is already in her bloodline.


You need to register yourself as a breeder before you breed your dog. Call the AKC first, and ask them to send you the paper work.

The breeder who sold her to you presumably sold her with papers, which means you can breed from her. Is she an excellent example of the breed? Does her line have great temperment? How many champions are in her back ground?

You then need to find a breeder who has a dog at stud. Your female goes to him when she is in heat. the registered breeder you purchased her from will be able to help you, especially if she wants her line untarnished by inferior dogs.


Do you show your dog, and is she a champion? Are you involved in the American Pomeranian Club? If so, contact others also in the Club and ask about a breed mentor.


Try this.

Hope this helps.Not like other people who say anything just for points.l l l

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Contact an AKC breeder member or something.

Ask them about it . Have them "teach" you .

You can also get a mentor.

& Another thing you'll need is a stud dog.

I don't really recommend breeding, but I can't change you're mind . I only support breeding if you're doing it to better the breed or the joy of puppies, etc.

People should have they're dogs spayed/neutered. Dogs don't have

to be put through that missery. & Please note that you're dog can DIE during birth.

Or she could get a sexually transmitted disease.. Or some sort of breast cancer.


Get a Mentor, and here maybe this will help.;…

This was my question. I do not breed! And I do not support Breeding unless your doing it for the love, and contribution to the breed!


A breed mentor.


Get some books and start learning. Not hard.