Anyone Own a Female/Male GSD?

Okay so I am not a big fan on female dogs. I prefer male dogs. Don't ask me why I just do.

I was wondering, have any of you owned a female GSD and male GSD? Has having a female/male GSD been a better experience? And Also, if you have/had both at the same time did they get a long?

Just wanted to know because I cant ever see myself owning and female GSD, it like literally hurts me. >.< Their beautiful and I love all GSDs but I prefer male dogs in general.


I hear ya, I've ALWAYS preferred male dogs. I don't mind owning females, cause I do own a few, but I've always preferred males.

Actually my father owns 2 GSDs, Shane & Kiaski (Kia for short). Don't ask how he come up with Kiaski, pretty sure he made it up. Oh the two are inseperable! I don't know if it would be technically a *better* experience, it's two more crazy as hell dogs ;) They got along, they grew up together. Few tussells here & there but nothing serious.

Here's Shane-………


I don't really see how you can tell a female dog is cuter than a male for me the only way to tell is to.. eh.. "look".. Sometimes Skipper is sooo cute he gets called a girl >_>


I had a male for 14 years. Anton was a great dog.He loved kids,other dogs,etc,and was a very smart dog as well.

I currently have a 9-year-old female,Lulu.She,too,is a wonderful dog,but I think she is a bit more high-strung that my male was,and is more aggressive towards strange dogs. Still,she is a wonderful dog.

I like male and female dogs equally and cannot say that one is better than the other. I have owned exceptional dogs of both sexes.


yep a female nine yrs old its the way there trained or not don't make difference what sex


it a common thing , men will bond with girl dogs , felams will bond with male dogs , i got 2 gsd crosses and i have bonded with the lil girl more than i have with the old man i got , but he loves me just as much as the girl , but i sooner the lil girl


I know what you mean. I don't and never have owned GSDs, but...

Up until I was ten and got my female Lab/Pit mix, I thought all dogs were boys. Haha! They just always seemed masculine to me. However, my male Beagle and my Lab/Pit mix are male/female and they get along great. They're the best of friends. They play together, eat together, sleep together, they're practically inseparable.