Do I Have Too Many Pets?

All of them are cared for, have emergency vets, get play time, attention, love, a clean living space and food + water daily

Ok I have (at my house)

3 birds: 1 is my mom's and I have two parakeets, the keets don't like people and just stay in the cage playing with each other.

1 cat: Senior cat, she's content sleeping on the big bed upstairs and looking out the window. (+getting TONS of pets :D)

1 puppy:

Eskie, a little crazy but we luv her, she get play time + gets a new toy each month

So, do you think I have too much pets?


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No. Lets see I have:

2 goats: very lazy and loved to be brushed and scratched. live in a pen thats about an acre large on a little hill with rocks that they love jumping all over. They share their space with:

11 Chickens: 1 rooster and 10 hens. they love treats like shredded cheese and crushed up chips and love it when i turn up the dirt so they can get at the worms

4 dogs: 2 older ones who just sleep all day and 2 younger ones who play play play all day

3 horses: kept at a farm nearby but get daily visits

1 cat: technically we never really owned her but shes a feral cat that lives under our shed and we made her a little house and she comes and lives there and we feed her and give her fresh water

1 fish: my betta Chuey lives in a tank by himself. a mansion of the fish world he is very happy and has a little bubble nest and everything

all very loved and cared for very much


Lol no

5 dogs

3 Rabbits

3 ferrets and 6 babies

14 birds of prey


The fact that the birds just stay in the cage bothers me. You say it is because they don't like people, but that does not change the fact that they require out of cage time every night.

But no, you don't have too many pets. Give the birds some more attention/out of cage time though, and they might not hate you so much.


No your perfectly fine.

You sound like an amazing pet owner!



I haveee had..

1 dog- Russia

2 cats- Tiger and Popcorn

24 birds- Squirt, Sunset, Flo, and waayyyy many more to say lol

Sunset and Flo had many babies:D

Also Flo and Squirt. (She has an affair;) )

and 1 fish- Lavender it was a betta fish:D

I think your fine:)




No way I have 2 dogs 2 cats and a ferret and my cousins have 2 dogs 3 cats and a lizard haha


No, as long as you have the time and money to care for them then you can never have too many. I have 19 pets.

2 ferrets

2 cats

4 rats

5 guinea pigs

4 hamsters

2 rabbits