Is there any food I can feed my frog........?

thats not alive? like is there any kind of pellet or something grass frogs can eat? plz help?


No,it has to have live food.The only frogs I know of that don't need live food are African frogs. If you can't feed it,let it go where you caught it or take it back to where you bought it.


im terribly sorry but frogs only eat live insects. u can go out into an abandon Field or set a bug zapper out and collect the live insects to throw them in for your frog


Freeze dried crickets are crap. They are a waste of money and don't work. Pretty much no reptile will eat them. You have to feed frogs live food.


Flukers sells dead crickets. Use Tweezers to pick them up. They also have pellets you need to hand feed them. Anything you feed them that isn't dead you will have to hand feed.