My landlord claims my cat attacked him, what do I do?

My landlord sent someone to spray for bugs into my apartment while I was at work. I have 2 cats. I had a notice on my door saying that I had unauthorized animals in the apartment and claims that one of my cats attacked. I know full well that my cats are harmless. They always run and hide, so I think the claim is absolute bull ****. I've had these cats for years and they have never done anything like that, let alone do not come close to any strangers. I believe that the most that happened is that whoever came in poked about and caused one to hiss. What should I do?


Well first of all, I'm assuming your landlord did not know you had cats in your apartment, correct? I'm only pointing this out because if this is true then as your landlord, he can make you get the kitties out of the premises even without this accusation. Second, about the bite he would need to provide some kind of physical proof of the attack, if you know what I mean. I agree that he is lying about the "cat attack" because its not in a cats nature to attack a stranger. It's more in their nature to run and hide.


If you are keeping the cats legally, I think it's on him to prove the cat bit him. He sounds like a landlord I had. Jerk.


Well it's his word against yours - and since you have "unauthorized animals" in your place you're breaking the rules and well, you're screwed. He can evict you without notice and keep any last month's rent or security if he wants - the law's on his side.

Why'd you get a cat KNOWING you weren't allowed to have them? And why are you so pissed now? You had to have known you'd be caught eventually.


if your landlord has no marks then they can do nothing so it dosent matter but i doubt they did anything, im sure they are only trying to come up with something to force u to get rid of the cats.


ask to see pictures of this bite.

cats dont bite strangers, everyone knows that.

WE are more likely to get bit by our cats, because its a sign of playful affection.

Cats dont bite, dogs do, and make them prove that your cat BIT someone.