Dog walking business?

I'm 13, and in my previous question, I am saving up for an Xbox 360. I have a few questions about a good dog walking business I want to start, as in my neighborhood, about 75% of the people have dogs, so I have these questions for dog owners-

-Is 3$ per mile too pricey?

-Since a lot of people have dogs, would I get overwhelmed?

-Would a dog walking business even be successful? (It's only temporary)

-Since I'm a 13 year old boy, should there be a size limit on the dogs?

Who ever can give reasonable answers to all my Qs gets the 10 pointer! Good Luck, and Thanks!


- No. Invest in a pedometor too!

- Nah. Don't be afraid to say no to some clients. Some dogs are too much, and some have problems and some are too hard to handle. Make a limit if you wish, a few dogs a day. IDK, it's entirely up to you.

- Yes. It's a good idea for making cash in summer for kids.

- Doesn't truly matter, it honestly depends on the dogs. I would screen some people, ask if their dog has major pulling problems, if so, don't go with large/giant breeds.


-No not at all 3$ per mile sounds reasonable.

-You don't have to accept every dog and if you just tell the owners it's because ur overwhelmed they have no reason take it personally.

-Shure if that many people own dogs and you can get the word out you'll be fine.

-Just no large dogs but you should be fine with medium sized.

Good luck : )


3$ is fine! Thats a great price.

I don't think you will get overwhelmed but just in case, make sure you have a plan.

I think it will be successful.

Maybe walk smaller or medium size dogs.

I hope you get your Xbox 360. Good luck with the dog walking business(:


hey, i have a dog walking buisness.

dont pay by miles cause it'd just be too confusing.

most people pay by hour or half hour. there shouldn't be a size limit unless you think you can't handle large dogs.

my prices are:

$6 for half hour

$8 for hour.

of course a dog walking buisness can be successful! if you want to earn more money; you can try pet watching (while people are on vacation, ect.) i charge around:

$8 for dogs

$6 for cats

$4 for small rodents, reptiles, birds

$2 for fish



Dennis's daughter


$3 dollars is not to pricey

I don't think you would be overwhelmed

I think it would be sucessful

yeah u should have it be only small and medium size dogs