Am I prepared to keep discus?

I have read alot about discus, breeding, water parameters, tank mates, plants to put with them. all the stuff i can find that seems to be consistent. The most important thing I can gather with discus, is the water quality. And to go a step further, it is PH, am I right? my PH in my tank is constantly 6.0. I have a water softener on my house, so every sink/shower puts out soft water, that always comes out at about 6.5 PH. I have been keeping fish for about 1year, 1 year and a half and have been very successful. I do the most research I can before buying a fish and I always do my scheduled water changes and cleaning, and check my water conditions. So if I can keep PH constant (which I can) and heat at 82 (which I can) and tank mates will be slow calm fish. I am planning on just having 2 dwarf gouramis, 3 maybe 4 cory cats, a few nerites a mystery snail, and a school of about 15-20 neon tetras. Oh and 2 ADF. The tank will be a very well filtered 46 gallon. Can anyone also recommend to me what kind of filter to use, and more specifically which one they use?

Also please specify why discus are so hard, what they need exactly. I have plenty of time for them. My LFS also told me the reason they are so hard is because of PH. So again PH is easily controllable for me. Thanks for the responses!


Good for you for doing the research..

There right no ADF's. a 20 gallonis about the biggest tank to keep them in, pus there food (frozen blood worms) are prized by discus and they will never eat.

Good news.

Discus have come along way and by that i mean they are locally breed in a lot of areas so they are happy in the water of your area and don;t need all the pH monitoring.There happy and ready to go in your existing water. Just call around and see you has them.

Bad news

For discus to be happy you need about 5 of them.

when there young that tank will be great but as they get older plan for at least a 72 gallon as they grow dinner plate size and may look at little cramped in there.

good luck


Hmm...I think you're fine with the fish compatibility except for the ADFs. A 46 gallon is probably too big (yes, a tank can be too big!) for them. They breathe air by swimming to the surface of the water, and if the tank is too tall they can drown. They aren't very good swimmers. As well, the discus will probably bully the frogs...and even eat them. So, I'd just avoid the frogs altogether. (:

Other than that you sound like you've done your research. But, if it were me, I'd get a larger tank if possible...


I am SO happy someone has done research! I could literally hug you right now. I really can't offer help on these fish since it's out of my territory. But If you feel comfortable about your knowledge then I say go for it.