How do you think about these bits?...?

I am currently riding my barrel horse in this bit,



but I want something that will add flexion while still giving me 100% moevability and control. I already tried using a draw gag bit ( snaffle) but it wasnt enough when we got to galloping.. I really do need a bit that will supply me with flex as we are galloping, as well as walking. I dont think any ported bit would work, so please dont tell me that. I need someting fairly light, maybe with a hackamore combo. I was thinking:




Also, any training tips? Any other bit ideas? My horse is very high spirited at times, and was abused and get scarred from things that may teach a different horse a good lesson. Our main problem is that When we are running the poles pattern, she rips her head from my hands at one certain pole, and no matter how hard I pull, she dodges the pole and runs on the wrong side of the patern. Dont try telling me slow work will help- thats almost all I do with her is walk trot canter, never wildly galloping, with a trainer. I do not get nervous or ride any different when galloping- very calm light handed rider. I am used to all gaits. Also, any training tips? Any other bit ideas? My horse is very high spirited at times, and was abused and get scarred from things that may teach a different horse a good lesson. She will permanently be ruined by any harsh methods. So please, thoughtful ideas please (:


I don't care for any of those bits. The one with a snaffle and rawhide noseband attachment will rip up the skin on their face and sometimes will make them more resistant to bridling. I use that exact bit combo on a horse who threw his head with me and only used it a few times (once it was resolved, moved back to a regular o-ring snaffle)

I barrel race and I train and have friends who compete at major shows with the pro's. I talk to them all the time, we discuss methods, bits, progress, tack, everything. What one gal really has liked and recommended for others is the Jim Warner Hackamore. I really liked this hack myself and after a couple of her friends trying it on their horses, they noticed a significant difference.

I'd try this hackamore. It's not too expensive and it's been used on horses who get H O T when they run or go race. This has surprised me with how much added control I had with it on my own horses - both projects and finished horses.

Give it a try, good luck.…


... ouch... =(

dont put that thing in that poor horses mouth..

i use a the full cheek snaffle on my horse and he has some get up and go and this bit works great i think. Maybe you could try it.…


Are you mad?!

Are you trying to kill your horses mouth and render her useless? A new, stronger bit will only give you temporary control and flexion, then he'll learn to ignore the bit and you'll just keeping making them stronger and stronger. I barrel race, I know what I'm talking about. Get him into a french link snaffle and re-train for what you want him to do! A bit will not give you what you want, the horse's mouth is not a cue all cues. This is the only way you'll be able to get the real results you want. You mention you pull allot-why are you pulling? I have abused, very high strung horses, that doesn't mean the answer is to pull, that makes it worse. You don't pull on the bit- you use your weight, voice and legs to control, not her mouth. You also mention you're a light handed rider, I'm sorry-I'm a nice person, but honestly, your crazy. Anyone who is pulling on their horses mouth to go in one direction is NOT light handed. You don't want to hear it-but SLOW WORK. That is the only thing that trains a horse, you need to walk, trot and lope her through the patterns until she doesn't pull. She's only pulling because she knows you pull back. 'No matter how hard I pull she dodges' pulling isn't a solve all method, there is a REASON SHE'S DODGING. It's your job as an owner and rider to find out why. Whether it be you, or something in the arena, or she's hurt-she's not dodging it because she feels like it. Training tips-slow work, don't move on until your horse is ready-whether is take 6 minutes or 6 months, it's for your horse, because you get bored with it is not an excuse to skip it. Don't cue from her mouth, a horse will not listen to a bit if it really doesn't want to. You use your seat, voice and legs to cue a horse. Bit tips? a french link, not any of those bits you shown, those will ruin her-if they haven't already. A french link, yes it is an 'english' type bit, but it's mild on the mouth, and no matter how hard you pull, it won't crack her in the mouth. A smooth bit, not twisted, not square, not a chain, and nothing with a noseband those only cause pain and will get you no where. 'she will permanently be ruined by any harsh methods' well, with those bits those are harsh methods. As I said, I barrel race all over the southeast, I know the problems you encounter, but a bit change will not fix these. You must be rather young, find yourself a new trainer, one who knows what their talking about.


spirited...abused....blah blah blah. sorry, but those are just cop-outs. forget them.

also...if your horse gets scared (not scarred....that means she's got scars) easily by lessons then she needs more and better training....she's still too green to be galloped. She can't handle it. She may be pushed too hard too fast for her mental capacity.

slow it down. yeah. really. don't do barrels until she's mentally able to take the gallop and stay calm.

Transitions are your new best friend. so are serpentines and all lateral work.

you say you have light hands but then you say, " matter how hard I pull...."

you should never be pulling on the reins if you want your horse to be soft. If she's tearing away from your hands, her body is tense and your pulling is only making it worse and turning it into a habit. you should drive her into the bit with your seat and legs.

stick with a plain ol snaffle bit

(gag bits are not snaffles. they have leverage, therefore, they can't be snaffles, even if they might be called that by some people).

and doing all the slow should be doing stuff like learning to use your seat and legs more than your hands....taking out the slack, feeling for when the horse yields, and releasing.

regulating her speed with your BODY, not your hands and not using the bit like a hand-brake.

If you do your "slow" work properly, there's no reason for your horse to be so tense in the body (what causes a horse to tear the reins out of your hands, because she is tense....her body is locked up, she's just ignoring you because the training is lacking)

(unless she's got sharp points in her teeth that haven't been floated in over a year....OR if your saddle is pinching and hurting her,....this can cause a horse to bolt)

If teeth and tack are fine then....

Sorry, but you are clearly not doing the slow work properly. That's where your problem lies. You might be rushing this horse way too hard too fast and trying to cover pot holes in the training with a bit, is not going to help your horse to relax.