Why does tears come out of my dogs eyes?

my puppy is 2 weeks old and i see that tears are coming out of her eyes! what is going on plz help!


If your puppy has redness of the eye and eye discharge it could very well be conjunctivitis, but your puppy could just be suffering from allergies! I have two female pitbulls and one named Bella has allergies. It causes her eyes to get red and I notice more frequent tears. What you see as "tears" may actually be a discharge indicating some type of infection, so I would take her to the vet asap. If the discharge is yellow and thick she probably has an eye infection or some other problem going on. Hope this helps! Good luck!


I am not a vet and I am not one of them a** holes out there going to tell you your a bad care giver of your puppy. I will say this though. there could me many different answers to your questions. I think your best bet and your best answer to you question would be to look up any vet or call your vet and ask them. They will give you the best answer. It might be normal it might not be. I wish you the best of luck and hope everything goes well. My dog just had puppies and they are 10 days old. I have been watching them very closely.

Good luck


They're due for a Vet visit anyway..


Their eyes are watering