Do you think animals should be treated with more respect and care.?

Animals are living things and deserve more respect. Some people kill animals for food when you have a bunch of fruits and veggies out there that you dont have to kill. Do you agree with me? I think this is very very cruel


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Yes animals should be treated with more respect and care, however, I am all for humane slaughter of food animals. People are made to eat meat as well as fruits and veggies. Think about is this way, you take a fruit from a tree, are you killing it's 'baby'? If the fruit was to mature, rot, seed in the ground and grow a new tree, then trees are reproducing such as animals. Everything deserves respect and proper care.

Let say you get a cat and you put it on a vegan diet. Well your cat, while it is eating, isn't getting what it really needs. Cats are obligate carnivores, meaning they *need* meat. While certain plants have protein in them, it is different from meat protein and cats can't really digest 'fruits and veggies'.

Animals kill animals. Humans are animals, and we're smart enough to know that it hurts when you are not cared for or are injured in a way in which you die from your wounds. It is our job as people to provide not only proper care for all animals, but if they are there for human consumption, it is our responsibility they suffer as little as possible, both throughout their lives and in their final moments.


I do agree that animals should be treated with more respect.

I don't, however, see keeping pets as being inhumane or disrespectful.


I agree with you. But since we are herbivores we eat meat and plants. But I do think us humans should be only killing for what we can eat not letting so much food go to waste. I do work at a grocery store and see how much meat, bread, fruit, veggies and dairy protects we throw out every day. I believe it is a waist. I think we as humans need to go back to when we had to kill for food or forage for it. Because our way is now to go to the store and be lazy and dumb.

We do need to kill some animals so they don't take over the world unless all humans vanished. then yes animals could take over the world like they use too.


See, this is what I don't like. You have decided to be a vegetarian, fine, good for you, but don't try to make the rest of us out to be cruel just because we haven't attached the same values to animals you have. I work on the "what have you done for me lately" system with animals, my dog is friendly, loyal and has my best interests at heart, so he is off the hook for being food. As for cows. . . they definitely haven't earned it. And by the way, when does the horse gravy train run out? I mean we used to ride them a while back so they got the same pass as a dog, but ever since the internal combustion engine came about, I don't know that they have been pulling their weight. Might be time to reevaluate their presence on the safety list.


Yes I definetley agree with you. Animals should be treated better because its very true, they are living things. They have a mind and heart as well. Unfortunetley man, since the begining of time has always ate the animal. Using them for tools, clothing, food etc. This is how it is, and will probabley always be. I love animals dearly, and I care for them so much. It definetley hurts sometimes.


I think all anaimals deserve respect but if people are breeding the animals to kill them then i don tmind it as much but i try not to think of what im eating. i think that all pets deserve way moire respect and i hate when ppl abuse their animals :( i think that we shouldnt killl animals for no reason but humans do need meat in there bodies to live, and there r planty of cows even tho yes i think it is horrible to think of ppl killing them.


Well I think that killing an animal humanely is not cruel. I believe that animals know that they are going to die eventually, and they do not worry about dying as much as humans do.

But yes, definitely I think animals should be treated with more respect. They are living things, just like we are. But I also think that animals have their place. Just like we work to feed animals, they also have to sacrifice some things for us as well. I think it all works out to balance.


well i think its okay to kill animals for food if u doo it in a humane way.but your right and people eat too many meat.their is like 3 times as many chickens in the world as humans.factory farms are the main culprits and treat their animals like crap u should watch the movie earthlings