How to get over a cat dyeing?

My cat got run over on sunday morning, and I was really really attached to him, he would sleep with me every night, we got him because I have really bad joints so I often can't walk etc, kinda like so he can comfort me if that makes sense? They gave him to us because they lived near a busy road and already lost 3 cats. We live ages from a busy road, but he somehow managed to find his way all the way up there and got hit :\. I feel really bad now.

I love him so much, and i can't stop crying because I miss him so much...:'( I know this sounds lame but we were really close. He was an outdoor cat because he was desperate all the time to get out and everything..and I felt it was mean, when he was crying by the door all the time.

My mum has said if I wanted another one they would let me have one...but its not the same :'( I want him.... :'(



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It will be hard for a while. When I was younger my family had a beautiful long haired, black and white cat, he was just a moggy but unfortunately he fell ill when he was 5yrs old and died, my whole family was devastated and me as well as my mum still get upset about it and that was about 13yrs ago! but we always remember the good times. I have now moved out and got myself a tabby little girl shes 5yrs old and I Iove her to bits, she went missing for a week when she was 1yrs old and I cried for a week, so the thought of losing her makes me feel physically ill, but I know that 1 day it willl happen, as it does for everyone, but the way to move forward is to remember the joy they bought to your home and lives. Maybe do something good and go to a rescue center and give a home to a cat that has been mistreated, make your previous cat proud of you by giving a poor little mite somewhere a second chance, that's what I will do when my cat leaves me. You could even plant something, we planted a rose over our cats grave, when I was a kid and its still there in my parents garden, and we like to think that part of him is in that rose and that's why it brings us beautiful flowers every year, his way of saying 'Thank you'


get another cat

or just wait time heals all


aww i understand how heartbreaking it can be unfortunatly i cant say anything comforting that the others havent already said :( . maybe getting another cat from a rescue home would be good. the little cat will need you and you will feel you are doing something good on behalf of your cat if that makes sense . when my dog died last thing i wanted was a 'replacement'. then when i looked at it the other way that if i cant have him least i can love another one desperate for help.


Don't feel bad about your cat moaning at the door. That normally means they have a mouse and they want to show you :)

Don't worry, time is the best medicine for a situation like this. Trust me, ive lost 2 beautiful dogs and eventually I got over it


You never truly get over the loss of a pet. It doesn't sound lame either. You loved your kitty and there is nothing wrong with that. Time will eventually start to ease your pain somewhat but you will never forget. You will start to remember the god times and be less and less sad thinking of him. Getting another kitten will not replace the cat you lost. However, a homeless kitten would be very grateful for a loving home. If the kitten was young you could keep him inside all the time because it wouldn't be used to going out at all. I am very sorry for your loss.


kinda freaky... my cat got run over on a sunday morning too. Anyway just remember and keep the cat in your memories and when its the right time... get another cat.


I had a Cat that was eatin by a cyote and I was upset about it for quite a while but I got over It. You should get a new pet. It might be hard but I would suggest getting a dog.


I am so sorry for your loss. You never "get over" losing a pet, but you learn to deal with it. I know its not the same as your lost baby and you are not replacing him, you are just giving your love to another baby who needs you. God bless