Is it better to have a male or female pit bull?

My family is thinking about getting a pit bull would it be better to have a female or male?

P.S there will be kids around

Thanks :)


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by "pit bull" do you mean American pit bull terrier? (pit bull could mean different types of breeds)

Which ever you prefer. As long as you make sure you get it spayed/neutered then their shouldn't be any issues.

They are a wonderful breed, and are great with kids. They are a medium sized dog((between 25-65lbs. anything larger is a mutt or overweight))They need a dog experienced owner.

Make sure you do all your research on this breed.

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ADD: and APBTs are not always kid aggressive, in fact they are one of the best breeds to have with kids!(if properly socialized) get your facts straight people!

@Laredo-your an idiot!

First of all the American pit bull terrier is not a large breed. I don't know what kind of dog your thinking of, but its not an APBT.

second. They are unpredictable? They are only bad if people make them that way. Do you know how many APBTs will go down in history as heroes?…


Someone in your house is crazy for getting a pit bull of either gender. You need to call your homeowners insurance company and let them tell you they won't insure a home where a pit bull lives. There is NEVER a need for such a large dog and you are just asking for one of the kids to be bitten and/or possibly killed. Those dogs are unpredictable and it doesn't matter how much you believe that the one at YOUR house would not do anything like that; it will.

Get a medium size dog that gets along well with children instead of that monster from hell.


well pit bulls arent exactly known for being kid friendly

females generally have better temperments and are more protective then males but if yr getting it as a puppy or from a really good family it probably doesnt matter just be careful you dont want 2 end up getting an abused one if you have kids

good luck! :)


Get a more docile breed. Pit Bulls are banned in UK but it is only idiots who should not have a dog anyway who want them.

With children about you need a retriever type of dog, Spaniel, Labrador etc. you can never trust a dog completely with children but these particularly bitches are good.


female. They have a motherly instinct and are less dominating than males. Also, males hump everything even after they get fixed as a dominance behavior or just out of habit...its nasty


I would rather have a female because they are less territorial around thier family, and scince you have kids that would be best to get a less territorial sex....hope it helps u decide! :)


Female dogs are almost always more docile than males, i would not want to take a chance with children around.


Why this breed ? What do you know about the breed ? How much experience do you have with dogs ? How much experience do you have with similar breeds ?

Those are the questions that need answers.Male/female is not significant and will depend more on the individual dog than anything.

Check out this forum,it will help you understand the requirements of owning the breed and if the breed is right for your family: