Can I wash my dog with Dove soap?

Is okay to wash my dog with a little Dove or just plain water?


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NO! Is best if you use dog shampoo instead if you don't want your dog to have any skin allergy in future...

Firstly, we don't know if Dove contains are suitable for pets so is advisable not to use any human shampoo on them... =)


Yes, but if the dog likes the smell, the dog might start licking it off and get a tummy ache, so watch out for that.


Can & should are two entirely different scenarios. You c


I think you can but not on a regular basis, or, wash the dog with dog soap which gets rid of dog bugs and bacteria and germs n stuff, then wash the dog with the dove for smell. Or you can get things specifically for dogs that can mask the dog smell.

I wish you the best.


I use dove shampoo on my boxer dog! Dove soap makes his skin dry and the shampoo makes it soft!


hmm now i'm not sure if its the bar of soap or a body wash but regardless it is not okay to wash your dog with dove soap yes i know that soap is soap and it cleans its just its not recommended for a dog to be washed in. dove is meant for human skin not for animal fur


No. Tell your mom to stop using Dove and start using shampoo that is designated for dogs.

It's inhumane. It can damage the dog's coat.


The best human shampoo to use for dogs is baby shampoo, but check the ingredients just to make sure. And also, make sure it's a moisturizing formula because human soaps and shampoos tend try make dog skin dry and dandruffy. Hope I help!