What should i put in my 5 gallon fish tank?

i just bought a 5 gallon fish tank and i want a variety of fish! what type of fish, should i put in it?


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1 betta + few shimp or snail


4-5 male endler livebearers (only male pure breed endlers, no guppy mixes)


1-2 african dwarf frog


6-10 shrimp (depending on specie)

all of those will need a heater and filtration


A goldfish, maybe a few neon tetras. Nothing too crazy. : )


1 betta + a few shrimp/a snail/2 ADF. That's it.


Well it looks like everyone's beat me to it, but I'd suggest a male Betta, and a Mystery Snail, or maybe a few Zebra Danios, and a Mystery Snail. Something like that.

Well I hope that helps.


The only fish you should put into a 5 gallon is a Betta. It can live happily with snails and shrimp. 5 gallons is simply too small for any other fish, they need room to swim.


There is really only 2 options you have either 1 male betta or 3-4 guppies. I would suggest only males as they are the prettiest and you don't want any babies swimming around. They can take over your tank quick. You will need a heater and filter.


You can't put a "variety of fish" in a 5 gallon tank. If you want variety, you'd need to take the 5 gallon back to the store and get a 10 or 20 gallon.

Very few fish can live in a 5 gallon tank, it's too small. The only option I would suggest is a Betta fish; but you'd need a heater.


well anyone will tell you just a betta NO MORE but you obviously want variety and with 5 gallons you can't do much. but i suggest a goldfish or 2 but they have to be small to even swim around. and after they grow a little get a bigger tank as more mature goldfish need a minimum of 10-15 gallons each. but if your a starter hobbyist (which is obvious since you bought a 5 gallon) a male betta and add some apple snails, and some ghost shrimp (ghost shrimp are great since they clean up the waste at the bottom of the tank and make minuscule amounts of feces and apple snails are great since they are not hermaphrodites, that means no unexpected babies add over the place. oh and liven up your tank with some live plants as they are way more interesting than plastic ones i would suggest some amazon sword plants or some java ferns.