Whats the best brand of timothy hay?

well right now i use kaytee and its okay i guess i mean its the only brand ive ever used so i thought it was good. but its very um pointy on the end, not soft. some pieces are green and someare yellowish. also its not burrowable or anything it just lays flat. i really want a softer, better quality of timothy hay. i finally finished up my two 48oz bags and am going to petsmart to get new hay today. what brand of hay would look like this? (it looks comfortable for piggies) -…


Kaytee isn't really that good. Doesn't have as much nutrition. Try getting Oxbow, it can be bought at the store. The best hay for guinea pigs I think is from Kleenmama's hayloft Its very green and soft and the pigs LOVE it, it's also cheaper if you buy in bulk and store it. You can keep it in a big plastic bin with the top off, so it can breathe. The only downside is it can only be bought online, it takes about 4 days to ship. Get 2nd or 3rd cut though, they are the best :)


I've heard great things about Oxbow hay, so I'd try using that. Before purchasing the larger bags,just buy the smallest one that they have to make sure that you like it. Good luck with finding new hay!